About Taradale Business Association


The Taradale Business Association is a not-for-profit, member-funded, organisation that works to promote the Taradale Business precinct in Taradale, the largest electoral suburb of Napier. The membership includes a large number of retailers specifically located in and around the Gloucester Street CBD and also a number of professional and service orientated businesses located within The ‘Taradale Commercial Zone’ an area centred on the Taradale shopping precinct and which is defined as ‘suburban commercial’ on Napier City Council planning documents.

The Association is funded by a ‘levy’ which refers to a promotional levy which forms part of the

Napier City Council rates paid by all commercial landowners within the Taradale suburban commercial zone.  

Businesses not within the Taradale commercial zone can apply for voluntary membership of the Association. Membership is confirmed by payment of an annual subscription.

The key objectives of the Association are to promote, advance, encourage and protect by all lawful means the commercial interests and welfare of members. Also, to increase foot traffic in the Taradale Business Precinct so that members will have the opportunity to build customer numbers and encourage the members to work collectively for the overall commercial good of the suburb.

Contact:              I.L.(Sam)Jackman, Advertising and Marketing Coordinator
Email:                  info@taradale.co.nz
Tel:                      021 754 654