The Playground at Anderson Park

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Napier City Council's vision for the Anderson Park Playground was to create a world-class destination playground that offered a diverse range of experiences for a complete family day out. The aim was to allow people of all ages and abilities to play alongside each other, in areas offering similar experiences, but with different challenge levels.

The focus was on creating a playground that catered for all ages and abilities. Including a mini-tower that's wheelchair-accessible via a ramp, as well as a double-width slide so caregivers can slide down with children. The playground also features artwork with messages in braille for the sight-impaired and a range of sensory equipment such as a large xylophone, musical bridge and drums.

The result is a destination-level park with a huge variety of ‘wow’ play experiences. A great place for the whole community.



  • Napier City Council


  • Napier City Council


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